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In 3.3.1 version, we made major updates, most importantly improving the quality of ask codebase. Some previous issues have been solved and the welcome screen has been redesigned.


Online ChatGPT support customize url, optimize UX.

customize online ohat uRL

Add new models

Added some newer models: cloud-3, gpt-4-0125, gpt-3.5-turbo-0125

add new models

Support @ file system

You can select the files you want after typing @ and then ask questions about those files.

@ file system

Support for code block collapsing/expanding

Expanding Code Block

expanding code block

Collapse Code Block

collapse code block

You can customize it inside the settings to automatically collapse the code after the number of lines of code reaches how many lines, the default is 30 lines.

Open Settings / Preferences - Tools - ChatGPT, in Chat Settings section. there is an option: Collapse code blocks(lines), that's it.

collapse code block settings


Updated Welcome UI for EasyCode Tab and OpenAI API Tab

EasyCode Tab

easycode tab new ui

OpenAI API Tab

openai api tab new ui

Improving the quality of ask codebase

This is one of our very important updates this time, we have greatly improved the quality of ask codebase, he can now understand codebase in more depth.

Support for faster loading of ask codebase file trees

In previous versions, when opening a very large project, ChatGPT initialization would be very time-consuming, this was fixed in version 3.3.1.


Remove auto inline complete